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Silver 760 Magstripe Lock 760 Lock

This is our 760 model lock.

Our Price: $250.00
Silver 770 Magstripe Lock 770 Lock

This is our magstripe model of our new line. It is a 770 model lock, that is exactly the same as our 790 aside from the reader. This does not utilize the advantages of our new RFID technology. Though still a solid, long lasting and efficient lock it does have the slight drawbacks that come with magstripe technology. Great for a new clean look without the higher price tag of the RFID locks.

Our Price: $270.00
Silver RFID contactless electronic lock Contactless 790 Lock

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This is the 790 lock. It uses RFID technology meaning you no longer swiper a card, but rather hold near. This RFID reader transmits a signal wirelessly from an antenna in the RFID cards. No longer will guests be coming to your front desk asking for a new card because their phone wiped the memory from their magstripe card. This is the best lock available and is well worth the upgrade.

Our Price: $300.00
Oracode 660 keyless lock Oracode 660 Keyless lock

This is our keyless entry lock. Have a door people use very often but still want some type of restrictions on it? This is your best bet.

Our Price: $750.00